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March 2016
WEE the PEOPLE Makes its Debut on Super Tuesday

Presidential politics and spring are in the air, and with them comes the launch of WEE the PEOPLE. WEE the PEOPLE brings American History to life through fun, kid-centric inspired tees based on Washington, DC’s most famous monuments and memorials.
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April 2016
Lady & Prince: WEE the PEOPLE

I’ve been a huge history buff since I was a kid. My favorite classes (other than art of course) were always tied to history. Understanding where we came from is so important, even at a young age. While explaining the state of our nation and political atmosphere is not appropriate for our kids, sharing about the history of our country certainly is...
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Mom Wears Heels: Starting Traditions & Instilling the Value of Education

My mother and father are both teachers. At a very young age, my mom taught me to read and even had me reciting the U.S. Preamble in front of our house guests. Let’s just say that in my family learning is and was incredibly valued. So when WEE the PEOPLE told me about their unique mission to instill in children the value of learning America’s history, I was all for it.  WEE the PEOPLE is dedicated to spreading awareness of U.S. history with cute shirts that offer an invitation to tell a story.
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Hip Mama's Place: WEE the PEOPLE Tees for Boys & Girls

I love the concept behind WEE the PEOPLE and their high quality products. I love that these history-inspired shirts are super soft (made with 100% cotton), and the designs are unique and modern with cool, so ‘now’ colors! My kids look trendy wearing these shirts and what mom doesn’t like that?!
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June 2016
13 Sweet Styles for Your Petite Patriot

Happy Birthday America! It's time to pull out all the stars and stripes and dress your tiny trendsetters in their holiday best.
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July 2016
15 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day with the Kids

My children have a growing collection of patriotic gear that they like to wear all the time. My dad gave my kids t-shirts (that they sleep in) with a large eagle flying through the air in front of a flag. It’s both obnoxious and awesome.

But my favorite is from WEE the PEOPLE, a shop with super-soft, high-quality t-shirts that teach kids about the awesomeness of America. (You can see the Old Glory t-shirt above.) There are designs for the great 'Abe' Lincoln, 'Tom' Jefferson, and a host of other patriots and patriotic themes.
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November 2016
3 Reasons I Don't Talk about Politics on Social Media

Election time is here! We are about to find out who is going to be elected as the new President! With that comes a whole bunch of drama and political party bashing.  So I wanted to share my 3 reasons I try my hardest to not talk about politics via social media.
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