Our Mission

Every parent I know desires to impart their deepest held beliefs to their children. More often than not, this profound act of passing on what matters most to the next generation occurs in the every day business of life. Sunrises, spilled milk, and missed free throws become the stuff of character, compassion, and a beautiful world. Ordinary things become object lessons, opportunities to teach, inspire, and grow.

For most Americans, a visit to our nation's great memorial sites is not every day, but once in a lifetime. But it is nonetheless a great opportunity to teach and inspire, to pass on the virtues of freedom and equality with the next generation. 

WEE the PEOPLE wants to make the once in a lifetime a bit more everyday; we want to make the national mall as portable as the shirt on your back. Our tee shirts take a fresh and unique look at our stately and historic inheritance, and make it more relevant and inspiring. We aren't professional teachers or educators, but moms. We don't provide a curriculum, but an opportunity. Let's talk -- more! -- with our kids about George, Abe, and Tom. Let's discuss who lives at 1600, what goes on under that Capitol dome, and why exactly we call the Stars and Bars "Old Glory."